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9 Crow Street’s Garage Bar Pop-Up Event

Last Saturday morning, I made my way to Temple Bar with a few good friends in tow for a fashion event that was set to be the epitome of relaxed, midsummer clothes-shopping. 9 Crow Street (heavily noted by fashion-lovers & journalists alike for their diverse, affordable vintage items) was holding a highly-anticipated, pop-up shop in the heart of Dublin that weekend and I – having only viewed their colourful stock online – couldn’t resist the chance to combine garment-perusing with carefree socialising. With those thoughts in mind, we set off through the sun-filled cobbled streets to the venue in question; The Garage Bar.

A local for many Dublin-goers, the bar’s relaxed, grunge-y vibe was evident from its first impression; with galvanised-barrels-turned-seats in vibrant shades of blue and green dotted around the entrance, behind a blackboard that claimed, in sprawling text, the place boasted the best pint of Guinness in town. When we entered the pop-up space, however, we were fully immersed into the über-casual, kaleidoscopic world that 9 Crow Street had conjured up for the day:

(Click here for that sequinned jacket modelled♥)

Inside was a hive of flowery, glittery displays and colour-bursting rails that contrasted the urban bar interiors; dazzling in just the right measures. The stock had been carefully selected with festival purveyors in mind, but while there were tie-dyed tees and customised denim cut-offs aplenty, colourful printed furs and heavy-embellished jackets also made show-stopping appearances, giving the general range a truly versatile edge. Some of the garments on-display hadn’t even hit the 9 Crow Street site yet, and a limited supply of handmade, elaborate flower headpieces set off the fuchsia centre table, covered with iridescent shades, sparkling bindis and covetable accessories (I have a real penchant for hand-crafted, floral pieces at the moment; but more on that later).

We ordered some cocktails from the twinkly-lit bar and lounged on more galvanised seats, resting our drinks on painted barrels and admiring Bowie & The Who posters that adorned the red walls. When we first arrived during the pop-up shop’s inaugural moments there had been a gentle buzz and chatter around the venue, but by the end of the first hour any vacant seating spots had been snatched up by merry customers, all full of smiles, chatter and bursts of raucous laughter (that occasionally overrode the DJ’s Motown & Rock ‘N’ Roll tracks). I’d spotted some pairs of cool, iridescent shades that seemed reasonably priced – and there was an entire rail dedicated to covetable garments at crazily inexpensive deals – but ultimately, what had stolen my heart from the moment I walked in was an extravagant sunflower headpiece that would define any summer festival look, with royal blue strands cascading below its sunshine-yellow petals. I couldn’t say no to further expansion of my flower crown collection – especially with such a unique addition – so I made my first 9 Crow Street purchase and (albeit guiltily) replaced the handmade daisy headpiece by Beaux Bows I’d been wearing with glee, so that my picture could be taken. I later discovered that same photo had landed on 9 Crow Street’s Instagram page (yes, rather shameless self-appraisal on my part – but you can check it out “here”!). Here are some shots of the piece:

I’ve become increasingly more attracted to statement headpieces (I don’t see why you shouldn’t go all out with crowns, after all) and this golden gem fits the bill perfectly; you could team it with your summer LBD or cobalt/emerald garments flawlessly. Though flower crowns are always associated with this time of year, I find the idea of bringing pretty florals into wintertime quite appealing – the golden yellow shade of the flowers has a warm, enveloping glow even when the sky is clear, so I can imagine how much it would brighten up those overcast autumn days. ❤


As we left the venue in high spirits, me clutching my new flower-crown with joy, I marvelled at how 9 Crow Street had managed to create such a fashionable event that still oozed friendliness and nonchalance. I was able to enjoy the best of both worlds – browse some really individual fashion picks and have a relaxed catch-up with friends – without the risk of any arrogant clientele. To keep up-to-date with any future pop-ups & events 9 Crow Street are hosting, you can follow their blog “here”, or check them out on Facebook & Twitter. Above all, you should make a virtual beeline to their online vintage mecca, where a fantastic 2 for €20 sale is currently taking place – I’ve become even more hooked on browsing their arrivals, and couldn’t resist making yet another purchase over the bank holiday weekend (I shall feature it on the blog soon, fear not!). I highly recommend you follow my lead – 9 Crow’s Street vintage gems guarantee you a look that’s truly one-of-a-kind. ❤

Amelia xx

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