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Love My Figure, Love My Fashion: Emerging Label Profile & Interview

In current society – a melange of fast-fashion excess and one-size-fits-all prototypes – what does dressing for our figure truly signify? It’s not something that most fashion brands tend to promote, as usually they gild us under the impression that one supposed tour de force garment could cater for any shape or form, and many believe it; otherwise, a handful of labels have tried branching into the ‘body shape-dressing’ ethos (considering each collection’s longevity, to little or no avail) but here begs the question – how can women truly know what their body shape is? Yes, one can read guidelines for what certain figures tend to look like in style-guide books and so forth, but when it’s down to our own perception, truly dressing correctly for your real body shape is left to chance.
What’s the alternative, then? Getting measured and analysed in one of the few tailor-made services still around post-globalisation may conjure up images of stuffy, old-fashioned changing rooms and critical eyes, but what if you could cut out the discerning middle man and get a proper figure assessment minus any style experts, in the most discreet manner possible – at home?

Love My Figure, Love my Fashion is a brand-new initiative that strives to regenerate women’s confidence when dressing by helping them make conscious style choices to flatter their every contour, the website’s main focus being on dresses (a difficult piece to get right, and consequently, one that many can shy away from). While the site only celebrated its official launch last month, it has smoothly bypassed any transitional period of finding its feet in a vast online retail world, and offers a unique, polished service that will undoubtedly be the perfect antidote for countless, morale-destroying changing room sessions.

The process is initiated as soon as you enter the website; to reveal your body shape, you need only measure three important aspects of your figure – bust, waist and hips (they even give suggestions of how & where to measure for precision) – and insert your statistics into the specified Body Shape Calculator present. If you don’t have a measuring tape at home, there’s no risk of having to rush out and buy one and feeling oddly self-conscious despite no-one knowing the reason of its purchase; they will actually send measuring tape to you for free! Their ethos of furthering womens’ confidence and providing minimum hassle in the process is clear right from the beginning.

As soon as your measurements are calculated, just one click will show you your figure shape (there are five potential body shapes you could be most akin to) and another will send you to an informative, morale-boosting guide that explains your assets, noted women that share the same body shape, and then, how to best accentuate them. It doesn’t stop there, however; LMFLMF has a carefully-selected array of highly-popular labels in stock, such as Motel, Love and Dahlia to name a few, and an enticing range catered to your figure below each guide will leave you happily spoilt for choice. Another brilliantly unique feature of LMFLMF is that the website’s models are all everyday, working women that all share the same passion for dresses and looking & feeling your best – many of them have even stated that modelling for the site helped further boost their self-esteem!

With additional plus-size options also available, all aspects are thought of, essentially, and will enliven dress-lovers’ spirits just as much as it will rekindle (and even initiate) a desire for dresses in those that normally steered clear. It is the most decidedly feminine garment a girl can wear, after all, and who wouldn’t want to feel confident and womanly?

LMFLMF Laura Faulds

Feeling ever more intrigued about this sui generis website? I’ve spoken exclusively with Laura FauldsLMFLMF‘s founder and also one of the site’s models – to talk beauty inside & out, finding the real perfect dress and making life-changing dreams a reality:

When did you first think up the concept of Love My Figure, Love My Fashion (and what inspired you)?

I first had the idea back in 2011. I always knew I wanted to start my own business and I had a shortlist of my own business ideas in a big scrapbook. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became and I set my heart on making the dream a reality. I love dresses, but always found it difficult to get the right fit, because of my Pear shaped figure – I found dresses to be too baggy around my waist and too tight around my hips and thighs.  I knew that there must be lots of women out there struggling like me, whether they were also a Pear shape or one of the other body types, so for a year I set about researching my idea, talking to loads of women and tweaking my idea.

There’s a lot of talk about body shape in the media and online, but no one seemed to be putting the two together in a website offering  body shape advice and clothing that you could then buy, all in one website. It was a eureka moment!

I used to think that I didn’t “suit” dresses because of my Pear shape – how wrong was I! I now live in dresses; it’s all about knowing what style flatters your shape.

Helping women to love and be happy with their bodies and to find the perfect dress inspires me every day.  When customers come back to me and say how amazing they felt in their new dress that makes me really happy because I know we’ve done what we set out to do, because what you wear can really affect your confidence.

Has the process of starting up and maintaining a successful website been time-consuming (considering that, with an online venture, working hours may be less finite than an actual boutique)?

Yes, very. I am always working, whether I’m tweeting or answering emails, researching, analysing, running promotions, or talking to customers and brands, but I love my work and because I enjoy it so much the hours fly by. As I’m always on the lookout for new models, bloggers, affiliates and opportunities though, I never really switch off!

Do you think there is a market for a resurgence in more tailor-made clothing labels and shops at affordable prices, to combat fast-fashion brands that produce relatively shapeless, non-individualistic garments en masse yet are still very successful?

Definitely, but it’s more of a niche market.  Fast fashion is popular because it’s everywhere; it’s always changing so there is always something new. It’s easy but there’s no education in it. The big retailers just want to sell you as much as possible; they don’t care if the latest black and white striped legging does nothing for your thighs, or the fact that body con dresses don’t suit most body shapes.

Yet there are a lot of women out there who prefer to shop for clothes that focus on shape and style, rather than just what’s popular. There are also a lot of women out there who just don’t know what to wear and what suits them. That’s where we come in!

We would rather a customer buy one dress from us that she wears in and out, rather than buy 3 items that she’ll wear once and never wear again after the season is over. We should invest in ourselves and what we wear and buy clothes that make us feel and look our very best. Who doesn’t want to feel confident and beautiful?

LMFLMF additionally works closely with UK charity BEAT; could you explain the significance of pairing with this charity (in relation to the site’s ethos of female confidence and wellbeing) to La Femme Éclectique’s readers? 

BEAT is a charity we feel really strongly about. Our ethos is all about feeling comfortable, happy and confident with your own body shape, accepting your good and bad bits, and loving your body as you are.  Of course the flip side of this is those that really struggle with their self-image. We really want to reach out and help those women. BEAT does amazing work in the UK, supporting over 100,000 people a year with an eating disorder.  This form of mental illness has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric condition – up to 20% may die as a result. This is shocking and very sad; anything we can do to help combat this is fantastic.

Shapewear is such a popular choice for women to truly look their best when dressing (even celebrities wear Spanx on the red carpet); would you ever consider introducing foundation garments/lingerie to your range, perhaps stocking ones that suit different body shapes?

You may have touched on some future plans there! We definitely wouldn’t rule it out. Shapewear can really compliment a dress.

Is there any possibility for a Love My Figure, Love My Fashion clothing line/collaboration in the future?

We are always open to opportunities and collaborations!

LMFMF currently focuses on dresses from a retail perspective; would you have plans to expand its stock to other clothing (or perhaps shoes & accessories) in the future or will the main spotlight foreseeably be on dresses?

Currently we are just focusing on dresses, but in the near future we would like to expand into shape wear and other products, to complement our dresses.

What can we expect to see from LMFLMF in the future (i.e. stocking more labels, retail expansion to perhaps a shop, more promotion etc.)?

As we continue to grow we will continue to introduce more labels and more lines onto our website. It’s a very exciting time for us right now. We have lots of things planned for the rest of this year and next, so watch this space!

Finally, is there any message you would give to the women reading this who find themselves in the same situation you were in all those years ago?

If you have a viable business dream and you believe in it, go for it. Life’s too short, if you don’t try, you’ll never know!


You can enter into Love My Figure, Love My Fashion‘s unique experience immediately by clicking “here” and head-starting the process; I myself will be needing a couple of flattering dresses for some parties and a wedding over the next few months, so I shall be taking full advantage of the service! As was evident throughout the post, the dresses in stock are rather versatile as to what occasion they’d suit – ranging from office-friendly to dinner-date-worthy – so your wardrobe can garner full benefit from welcoming a few multi-functional pieces into its home. I personally love this delicate, floral beauty; but then, being a full-time dress idolizer, I daresay I’ll find it increasingly more difficult to narrow down a favourite as the website continues its growth!

You can keep fully up-to-date with Love My Figure, Love My Fashion’s dress escapades & cheery fashion anecdotes by following them on Facebook or Twitter: naturally, however, I’ll be quick to inform you all of any significant LMFLMF events or wonderful new dress arrivals. Don’t delay in taking a look and giving the guide assessment a try; the end result could be more life-changing than you’d have ever imagined. ♥

Amelia xx

8 thoughts on “Love My Figure, Love My Fashion: Emerging Label Profile & Interview

  1. What an amazing idea and concept! Laura has created a product everywoman can have at their fingertips, love the idea of the measuring tape! Love how she is involved with BEAT. I will be checking out LMFLMF, now! Thanks again for opening up another amazing fashion product! Love it.x

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