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♡ Summer Vibes ♡

I’ve been whiling the incredible start to summer away on Lake Como, but my article-writing will become more prolific…. Blogger’s honour! I felt I ought to bring you somewhat more up-to-date on my current, inspirational surroundings & post ideas, so although this posting is going to be pretty short and sweet, stay tuned for upcoming segments! ♥

I’ve splashed out (if it can be considered a splurge being Kiko products, seeing as they’re so inexpensive!) on a few key products from Kiko Cosmetics’ Summer Collection, and I’m rather overjoyed at the quality results for most of them. Make-up reviewing used to be one of La Femme Éclectique’s top categories prior to the relaunch, and while the website has moved on in various branches I’m still inclined to bring reviews back considering their warm reception!

Carrying on from my article on perspex earlier this week, I’ve been sporting my clear blue satchel around Lombardy and am revelling in its on-trend glory – flicking through the Vogue UK’s teen supplement, Miss Vogue (fashion-wise it’s not that categorising, to some extent, 18+ readers could still get some mileage out of the style picks) I saw the one and only Cambridge Gummy satchel featured on the pages! You can read the piece “here” if you’re interested in giving a new lease of life to your summer wardrobe.

To conclude, while I’ve been product-testing and satchel-toting, this view has been keeping me company. The entire panorama of where I reside on Lake Como is so active and enticing, that you’d be near-tempted to drop any other activities altogether and simply gaze endlessly at the scene – the buzz and clatter of the town below is the perfect soundtrack to that vista, especially watching traghetti and hydrofoils pull out onto the lake and cut patterns in its crystal-clear formation. Unfortunately the lake is known for its high electrical activity – as I write this, I’m seeing the final wisps of lightning fade and die out – but luckily, they only come to do a service of clearing the air of humidity and then leave graciously, leaving total calm and singing birds in their wake. ♥

Amelia xx

25 thoughts on “♡ Summer Vibes ♡

    • Hi Nessa, dawh thank you so much! 🙂
      I just followed you on Bloglovin under Amelia Éclectique,
      AND I followed your Instagram under the name ameliaeclectique: care to follow back? 🙂 Love!
      Amelia xx

  1. Hello dear, just found your blog and I love it! Following you via Bloglovin and Twitter 🙂 How long are you staying on the lake? We are quite close darling, considering that I live one h and a half drive from Como. There’s an amazing Villa where they host amazing temporary collections, I’m sure you have checked it out already! Hope we can stay in touch darling! xoxo
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

    • Hi Coco, thank you so much for your lovely comment! ♥ I’ve subscribed AND followed on Bloglovin & Facebook – your blog is fabulous! 🙂 I actually left Como a few weeks ago but I’m returning in a fortnight – do you live close to Milan or Bergamo then? Oh wow, I think I might know where you mean – Villa Olmo perhaps? If not then I would love to know where exactly this villa is :))

      Of course we can! We can tweet to each other whenever 😉 thank you my dear!

      Amelia xx

    • Thanks ever so much, lovely blog yourself! Just liked your page AND subscribed via GFC & Bloglovin – care to swap and email subscribe to mine? 🙂 I go to and fro to London an awful lot, it’s an incredible city!

      Amelia xx

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