Wealth Vs. Stealth

Wealth-Effect Vs. Stealth-Effect: Perspex Satchels


*Bottom image via The Cambridge Satchel Company Facebook*

If you had to narrow down one major trend, that became major through both its designer and high-street incarnations, your first thought would probably switch to perspex accessories. It began its creep up the fashion pole, first through the innovative workings of hot, emerging designers – most famously with Christopher Kane’s “pencil case” pvc clutches back in A/W ’11 & Simone Rocha’s trademark perspex brogues – and subsequently last summer on a somewhat more widespread level (then alongside neoprene). Since then, it’s evidently manifested itself in the latest collections of very respectable labels (honing in on bags in this case), the clear plastic giving more sophisticated looks a fun and surprisingly-wearable twist: see Burberry’s Prorsum’s jewel-tinted efforts, 3.1 Phillip Lim’s ‘clutch-within-a-clutch’ and Valentino’s edgy & elegant box clutches for reference.

While all these are highly covetable, it’s the humble satchel that’s making the biggest waves for style-cutting, on-the-go fashionistas and festival-goers. The Cambridge Satchel Company launched their Gummy satchel earlier this year to critical acclaim, but snatching up a piece from the most sought-after satchel brand around right now is bound to burn a hole in your wallet; indeed, the bag retails for around £140 (€163) or so! A refreshing alternative comes in the form of Om Diva‘s clear neon-pink offering, practically identical for a mere fraction of the price at €42 (circa £35) – I’ve purchased the tinted-blue version myself and found it gives any outfit, however minimal or maximal, an uber-on-trend edge. There’s currently a sale on in the boutique (which can be found on Drury Street in Dublin) so be sure to pop in and pick up a crystal-clear satchel to see you through the summer (the resilient plastic fabric is the perfect counter-attack for muddy festivals after all!)

Amelia xx


9 thoughts on “Wealth-Effect Vs. Stealth-Effect: Perspex Satchels

    • Hi tifftoffee – yes, with the concept of plastic bags you wouldn’t automatically think they’d look stylish! That’s a gorgeous-looking bag though, practical in the sense of its fabric (as you were saying, handy cleanup) and size so you could easily do a round in the town in it, shopping or picking up supplies – the beauty of the trend though is that perspex has extended to so many different bag types over this season, so you’re bound to find a style that’s perfect for you 🙂

  1. Perspex does sound fab. I had one given to me by a friend in Florida – unfortunately in tiny Schull – they don’t work too well. That’s only because the people there are maybe a bit more narrow minded. For a young woman around a city – it would look SO cool. You’re great, Amelia. Keeping us all up to date with the latest…….. Cx

    • I get what you mean Carole, I spent a couple of years living in a small Italian town and often found I had to curb my style habits to not seem like a complete spectacle! Anytime you’re planning city trips however you should definitely bring it, at the moment it truly is bang-on-trend and really stylish-looking 🙂 thank you as always Carole!! 😀 xx

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