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Om Diva’s Summer Night Market ’13

Last Thursday week I made my way to Drury Street, where a certain coveted Dublin boutique had set up an evening unlike any other previously experienced by its faithful customers. It was the inaugural night of Om Diva and Atelier 27’s Summer Night Market, a new initiative on their part, where passers-by could delight in vintage bargains and iced beverages for an altogether merry, and (much-needed) summery atmosphere.

When I arrived at the lime-green mini-marquee, the event was already in full swing – with old and new faces eagerly scouring the rails for some brilliantly affordable garments (everything showcased was €20 or less) and sipping chilled beer. While I initially poured over the bargain jewellery and €10 neon sunglasses, I soon popped inside to take a look at the summer collections, laughing with mirth as I left a few dancing divas behind me:

Even though I ended up with a couple of little gems from the Vintage Basement (which I’ll tweet about later) it was the top floor that really left me gaping: the already-vibrant stock hosted some new arrivals, one of which in particular was a magnificent, hand-painted “Moon” maxi by DeeRobyn that I seriously fawned over. Clover-pink & mint and cloud-print collars that I’d spotted before graced a rail at reduced prices, while Heather Finn’s vivid fringed snoods and jewellery efforts completely illuminated her separate dominating corners of Atelier 27.

All-in-all, it was a wonderful evening and exciting new addition to the boutique’s event archives – not once did it fall below the high calibre of party-making that Om Diva has made itself known for. With the success of the night, it’s practically a given that another summer market will be held at some point during the next couple of months – you can follow Om Diva on Facebook “here” for any related updates, though I’ll be sure to inform you if that is the case!

What truly was astounding was that the weather anticipation for the evening was actually quite dour; dismal downpours had been predicted, yet the green gazebo was thriving under a bright, rain-less sky. Some may call it coincidence, or simply a nonsensical, season-less pattern that is Irish weather, but one girl had another theory; that it was simply the sunny, compassionate attitude and good fortune of Ruth Ni Loinsigh and the rest of the divas that made the night a true winner, weather and all – I daresay she’s right. ♥

Amelia xx

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