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Produit Artisan(al): Kayleigh Forsythe Elytra Earrings

On a recent visit to Atelier 27, in which I sought to fully take in the latest label additions to the design space after getting a brief taste at Om Diva’s event a couple of weeks ago, I happened across Kayleigh Forsythe‘s most recent jewellery offering: while I’d spied quite a few of her creations over the past year that were suitably intriguing (namely a pair of silver & gold necklaces framing newspaper-style exerts from notable English novels), I had never properly browsed through her individual pieces.

20130415-164151.jpg Upon edging closer, I mentally bookmarked a multitude of desirable items – from crystal quartz earrings to jewel-stone necklaces that give spiked jewellery a uniquely elegant twist – and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Forsythe produces every single piece in her collections by hand (something I hadn’t suspected, simply because the jewellery’s finish is so immaculate). Something inside me stirred and I knew I couldn’t leave Om Diva without at least one of her creations in my possession; and when my gaze landed on a pair of mesmerizing drop earrings, I knew I had to have them. 20130415-170618.jpg 20130415-171013.jpg 20130415-171233.jpg

You literally couldn’t take your eyes away from these earrings – the shots of emerald green and cobalt present in them glimmer and illuminate, even in a barely lit room. One feature that makes them all the more special is that the pair of earrings are made from the wings of authentic elytra beetles, hence their jewel-like iridescence! And a truly compassionate aspect for wildlife lovers and the like is that any wings used are collected from the beetles when they’ve fulfilled their life to the very end in peaceful, pain-free existence. Without a doubt, the elytra earrings have a wonderfully distinctive quality to them, a brilliant, sophisticated aura (that could liven up a minimal dress or even a pair of jeans, although I’d rather save them for more special occasions), and prove that it’s worth spending a little extra for a high quality product that totally avoids the risk of bumping into 200 ‘fashion’ clones in the same pair, and that has a considerate backstory which gives a warming sense of inner joy that, admittedly, fast-fashion buys tend to leave void.

Kayleigh Forsythe‘s jewellery creations can be purchased in Atelier 27 of Om Diva, Snakebite (both located in the centre of Dublin) and Lughnasa (located in Clifden, County Galway). For those who aren’t inhabitants of the Emerald Isle, you can virtually bag a sample of coveted pieces on Prowlster or go directly to the label’s Etsy page to view a wider spectrum of items, all of which show the jewellery label’s diversity. In the meantime, I shall leave you with some select shots from Forsythe’s S/S ’13 shoot (click on any image to go straight to where you can make the piece yours! ♥)

Amelia xx

4 thoughts on “Produit Artisan(al): Kayleigh Forsythe Elytra Earrings

  1. Amelia thank you for bringing us such beauty to our fingertips, I agree it is so worth paying the extra to get that unique piece. How much are you charging for renting out those beauties? …… Ha Ha

    • Hahah, awh thank you so much Majella! I’m glad you understand my thought process – hmm, still not fully decided on the rental price, I’ll be sure to let you know when I come to a conclusion 😉 xx

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