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West Cork Voyage 2013

This will ultimately be quite a short little post, as I’m currently warding away the final stages of a bothersome virus I picked up just after coming back from a relaxing holiday! Unless you’re particularly diligent about boosting your immune system this time of year, you’re bound to pick something up as, the closer you get to summer, the more you’d naturally let your guard down – essentially like a hawk swooping in to capture their prey when they’re less wary. But I digress!

I spent a glorious three days in the southwestern part of the country, all of which were filled with cloudless blue skies and brilliant rays of sunshine. I purchased a few really unique items, including a couple of iridescent, seashell-clustered bags, a fascinating book on Cecil Beaton that fully documents his unexpurgated diary entries spanning one particular decade (a truly informative read, very telling of the man behind the camera lens) and some delectable produce from the English Market down in Cork City (think edible lavender flowers and lemon-ginger muffins with buttercream icing – I can still taste it now ♥), in which I managed to spot some interesting high-street pieces and brilliant sale items that, funnily enough, aren’t housed in the capital’s branches of the same stores! I’d experienced such nearly a year ago, however, when I got my hands on a stunning mint kimono in Topshop for a mere five euro.

The stay certainly wasn’t solely comprised of shopping though – I relished the unusually-wonderful weather by taking a multitude of drives to various little towns I was quite familiar with from memory (one unique interiors shop, named Embellish, had adorable little chicks in the shop front!), sampling the local, seafood-dominated cuisine and walking through lush countryside and fluid sand. The fact that the general area is devoid of providing any more than one bar of cell coverage at best could be a turn-off for some, but I found it rather had the opposite effect for me: it really was quite a detox not being constantly surrounded by technology, not monitoring it every moment that passes.

I’ll definitely be going down to West Cork again very soon, as I totally reignited my long-standing love for the region that I suppose had never really burnt out. I also made a brilliant discovery in the form of a romantic, jewelled-filled, colourful boutique in Kinsale (that I’ll be documenting exclusively in my next posting) which I’m very much looking forward to visit again!

Amelia xx

6 thoughts on “West Cork Voyage 2013

  1. You give Cork a good name, sounds wonderful everything a girl loves, sweet treats and a bit of dazzle what more could want………………………………xx

  2. I know where Embellish and Time Travellers Bookshop are – so you weren’t too far away. Any time you are even closer – you know how to contact us. Come visit. Glad you had such a good time. Cx

  3. I love this! Especially the chicks and the Cecil Beaton book. Can I be cheeky and ask what you use to put your photos together? Thanks a million!

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