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Kiko Winter 2012 Reviews: Calming Mask

 To say that this post is overdue would be quite an understatement; in fact, it’s probably my most requested review to date! I’ve found that any of LFÉ’s Kiko reviews are particularly popular, but many readers seem to have taken a shine to skincare ones – the Kiko skin masks being the most in-demand. I’m currently in possession of four Kiko masks, but since I haven’t yet tested all of them, each product will have a separate, dedicated post (the next one will probably be based on my – albeit non-personal – results with the Anti-Age mask; but if you want me to prioritise the reviewing of a particular skin mask do let me know! :))

I’m starting with the Calming Mask for two main reasons – one being that I’ve given it the longest trial out of all mask products, therefore I can obviously give it a full-rounded review; and secondly, I received an urgent request for the mask to be reviewed last week which only further highlighted its priority!

I first purchased the Calming Mask after hearing how beneficial it apparently was to sensitive skin. Having lived with very delicate skin for quite some time – and having found the majority of facial masks to be too harsh – the offer of a through cleansing without repercussions was, naturally, very enticing. The mask claims to sooth reddened and irritated skin in a gentle manner, leaving your facial area revitalised.

As with all Kiko skin masks, you apply a reasonably generous, even layer of product to your face after carrying out your usual cleansing routine -no thicker than what is shown directly above. You leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes (I’ve found 10 minutes to be quite ineffective, so I’d say not to remove it for at least a quarter of an hour) before washing it off with warm water or a dampened facial sponge (you can subsequently moisturise to finish off your daily skin routine). For the first trial week, I used the Calming mask twice a week; and in the last few weeks I’ve reduced my usage to once every seven days. Over the past while, my skin has felt rather irritated and dry – even more aggravated by the coming winter  – and sadly, bar giving my face a slightly more purified effect than one would feel with your average cleanser, I didn’t see any particularly positive long-term results with the mask. This really disappointed me, as I had built up false pretences about how good the product would be before even trying it – I obviously won’t let myself do that again!

To highlight the mask’s pros, however, I’ll go into a little more detail: I found its application to be very straight-forward, as the substance is creamy and easy to spread yet still firm. The majority of my facial area does feel softer after using it, despite any irritated dry patches not having been noticeably softened (it fulfils half of what it promises, seemingly). It does, fortunately, fill the basic requirement of any skin mask by giving a cleansing that isn’t just skin-deep – it’s perfect used as part of an extremely mild skin routine. One interesting thing is that you’d almost get the impression of it being a harsher facial mask due to the initially fresh sensation you can feel having applied the product – yet, it really doesn’t give a suitably potent aftermath, taking its claims into consideration.

Overall, I personally feel quite indifferent to the Calming Mask; I haven’t found it has impacted negatively on my skin, but it hasn’t really improved my facial area as I had envisaged. It’s definitely the right skin mask to purchase for sensitive types, as my skin has been particularly delicate this past year yet I didn’t break out in spots, hives or any unfortunate side effects. If I find – having tried the other masks and feeling them equally inadequate – I’ve been tough on my expectations of this product, I’ll definitely update you all; but as far as my current opinion goes, I wouldn’t buy the Calming Mask unless you’re looking for an extremely delicate facial mask, perhaps having recovered from a skin disorder (in which case you would definitely need to air on the side of caution and not experiment with, say, its Hydrating or Purifying counterparts). It really doesn’t calm irritated/reddened patches as it ought to.

The Calming Mask is available in Kiko Cosmetics branches internationally, and costs £5.90/€5.90; you can buy it on the Italian or English sites “here” and “here” respectively (Click “here” alternatively for a directory of all Kiko websites).

Amelia xx

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