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An Evening of Jazz, Cocktails & Christmas Shopping ♥

Last week I attended Om Diva’s annual in-store customer event, which promised to be an evening filled with festive cheer, merry drinking and enticing discounts. The music highlight was set to be a jazz trio performance by Jaime Nanci and The Blue Boys, a talented, normally-four-piece ensemble consisting (in this case) of a vocalist, keyboardist and bassist. The music carried on into the street, inviting passersby to take a peep inside.

But what made the shop even more alluring from the outside was the incredibly festive window display, which showcased a plethora of colourful & metallic accessories (I’m seriously lusting after those purple metallic flats in the right-hand corner!) featured alongside bright baubles, cozy fur rugs and a twinkly lit fireplace. I hadn’t yet visited the shop to see what seasonal touches the divas had brought to the already-magical interiors, so I couldn’t wait to go inside and properly browse – hard as it was to tear my eyes away!

(Before we delve into detailing the evening’s festivities, I took a few cheeky snaps of the window in full daylight to properly highlight the gorgeous contents:)

Honestly, there’s never been a truer statement! ♥ My family don’t usually immerse themselves obsessively into the whole gift-giving ritual each year, but I might subtly slip them Om Diva’s address in case they’re stuck for present ideas….. 😛

As we sipped bellinis and initially browsed through the Vintage Basement, the Xmas decorations that were put in place became quickly evident – purple snowflakes flecked with silver cascaded from the ceiling, while shiny metallic baubles and twinkly fuchsia lights were nestled alongside the magical embellishments which take hostage all year round – rose-petal lights and all. As I briefly mentioned before, there were discounts present throughout all three levels; so I took great advantage of the night and purchased a lovely mesh polka-dot skirt which had first caught my eye many weeks beforehand. After having a truly through look downstairs, my next mission was to take a peep in Atelier 27 – where I was to get my first preview of the designers’ new A/W collections. Making my way through the amicable crowd to the stairs, I felt such a warm, joyful vibe coming from every single participant – Om Diva’s customer relationships can’t be faulted, as I’ve come to personally find myself! ♥

On the final floor, the festive impact was elegantly subtle; in the form of starry lights which acted as transparent curtains, only partly shielding the bustling scene unfolding outside. This season, you can expect to find a multitude of unique items in Atelier 27 – from cloud-print collars and kaleidoscopic necklaces to sophisticated wool shawls and jewelled, gold trinkets. Even though I enjoyed scrolling through the various rails and visually taking in collections by old designer favourites (which are more prominently featured “here”), there was one ensemble of garments which particularly caught my interest…

I had previously glimpsed DeeRobyn‘s designs over the summer, but it was only on this occasion that I properly drank in the garments. Obviously, it was a new collection I was viewing – the clothes rail was a haven of contrasting textures, from velvet and wool to studs and shiny leather embellishments. Established by a female design duo, the label creates pieces that are both luxurious and highly practical – as seen with this season’s “Christmas” jumpers, which are 98% wool (perfect for keeping snug and still fashionable throughout this bitter winter) and also feature fun, holiday-inspired motifs; but not overly so, to allow them wearability all year round. I chatted to Robyn Blundell, the South African counterpart of DeeRobyn, on the night – and she was very gracious in answering any questions I posed on the featured items. What makes the collection rather individualistic is the marriage of period and modern-day designs; think jersey dresses showcasing panels modelled on corsetry to give a figure-ecentuating look, and trousers designed to give an illusion of a smaller waist to whoever wears them (you couldn’t bestow a more incredible gift!). From jackets splashed with gold and primary shades, to transparent collars filled with peacock-inspired feathers, the clothes push the boundaries with experimentality yet they still retain that refreshing sense of wearability which makes them all the more enticing. If it wasn’t evident already, this is definitely a label worth keeping an extremely close eye on; the gold necklace shown directly above would make an awe-striking present.

All told, the evening was a definite success – my shopping partner left in high spirits having purchased a gorgeous printed skirt and vintage silk shirt. The atmosphere in the boutique was undeniably optimistic; you really couldn’t be in anything other than a cheerful mood, surrounded by like-minded characters with a penchant for fashion-hunting, and more importantly, an appreciation for the treasured boutique and its hard-working assistants. In truth, I personally felt the gathering was reminiscent of an amicable reunion with your particularly-fashion-savvy extended family! ♥

Amelia xx

2 thoughts on “An Evening of Jazz, Cocktails & Christmas Shopping ♥

  1. HI Amelia – what great photos and what a superb shop. Must go there when next in Dublin. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. With love, Cx

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