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Om Diva A/W 2012

One cold, winter’s evening, I revived my fashion spirit by popping into Om Diva. For those who aren’t familiar with my previous posts detailing the Dublin-based boutique (all related articles can be found “here”), since my first proper visit to the shop back in July it has swiftly become one of my favourite places to shop by global standards – but I also greatly admire its versatility towards its targeted audience which, in truth, simply can’t be allocated a single age group. It’s brilliant to find somewhere you know you can always recommend to fashion-lovers of every discerning palette, and to feel assured that as soon as they walk into the shop and visually take in the diverse garments and smiling shop assistants, they’ll be charmed.

Before delving into the shop I took in the window display, which cleverly showcases hot A/W trends (take leather and embellished pointed collars, for example) in a form perfect for both work and the party season. Window displays can be surprisingly hard to get right sometimes, as you’re looking to achieve a look that boasts the various garments in said shop, as opposed to belying what’s inside.

The ground floor of Om Diva heavily features colourful and on-trend pieces from the boutique’s own label. Whether you’re searching for a pair of minimal jewelled earrings or an edgy, spiked collar, you’re guaranteed to spot something that will catch your eye. And on the off-chance that you’re still looking for that dream item, fret not; there are still two fashion-filled levels to scour. The evening I arrived in-store, glasses of prosecco were generously being poured for each customer – it’s this kind of additional touch which makes shopping in the boutique quite special. ♥

Atelier 27, which commands the top floor of Om Diva, boasts collections from innovative, up-and-coming designers: take, for example, the colourful versatility of Capulet & Montague (the latest collection features geometrical-print jewellery and Aztec cowl-neck scarves – talk about individuality!), and the casual luxe of De Loup Designs, which sees soft jersey fabrics paired with leather, studs and ribbon embellishment for a collection that oozes texture and wearability. ♥

{De Loup Designs can also be found in Tamp and Stitch, while Capulet & Montague has a multitude of items available to purchase on the newly-launched Prowlster website.}

More featured designers include award-winning milliner Aisling Ahern (you can read La Femme Éclectique’s post + interview with her “here”) and new arrival Heather Finn, whose bright knitwear creations have already made a colourful splash in the Loft Market.

All three floors of Om Diva are bursting with atmosphere, but there’s something about the Vintage Basement that holds a special place in my heart. As you can see above, one can find an infinite amount of twinkly lights and draped flower garlands walking through the basement – you could almost be enamoured of the floor without even looking at the clothes! All vintage items sourced are one-of-a-kind; if you pop in to the shop this season, expect to find tea dresses resting alongside jewelled brooches, fur shawls and leather biker jackets. ♥

Om Diva is located on Drury Street, Dublin City, and is open seven days a week – so if you’re fretting over female Christmas shopping or simply want to treat yourself to something pre-holidays (there’s always an excuse for the latter!), don’t hesistate to take a look inside! You’re bound to find some little gem, and if you’re still stuck for ideas, you can always rely on the trusted advice of the shop assistants. 😉

Amelia xx

2 thoughts on “Om Diva A/W 2012

  1. Love both your posts. Om Diva is mesmerizing, this week will not pass without a visit. I love the way that all fashion genres are catered for, be it you are in a romantic girly frame of mind or you have pulled up on the back of the huge harley!

    Getting in there now. Thanks again.XX

    • Thank you Majella! ♥ I totally agree, Om Diva’s stock is incredibly versatile. You should definitely make a visit; I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll fall in love with! 🙂

      Amelia xx

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