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Lime Crime Review: Aquataenia Palette

(Quick pre-review note: hey guys, so sorry about the delay on this review, it took an awful lot longer to test & write than planned! Hope you enjoy ♥)

Even as I sit down to write this review, I’m still dazed about the fact that Lime Crime’s Aquataenia Palette is now in my possession…!

The eyeshadow palette was gifted to me by my amazing zia, and it looks even better than I had imagined:

The package also contained an Aquataenia for Lime Crime Poster featuring Traci Hines, “The Singing Mermaid” (who also runs a beautiful-looking mermaid Etsy shop), and a sample of Lime Crime’s Waterproof Eyeshadow Helper (which I’ve never used before so I’m looking forward to testing it!), along with the usual glittery unicorn LC sticker.

I’ve said this before, but I just love Lime Crime’s detailed packaging: the palette came enclosed in a rich gold box embossed with Lime Crime’s initials. The term “Fantasy Palette” is such a good way to describe Lime Crime’s eyeshadow palettes: they’re full of colour, and magic, and they evoke thoughts of whimsical fairytales.

 When I gingerly lifted up the palette to get a better look, my first thought was – this is insanely light! For some reason I was expecting the Fantasy palette to be quite heavy, perhaps because of its metallic case, but it is honestly so light and perfect for popping in your bag!

The back of the palette gives a preview of the five Aquataenia shades, appropriately named to give an aquatic vibe.

And here are the eyeshadows! They have such a beautiful depth colour-wise, and I personally love that all five shades have shimmers (then again, I am a self-confessed sparkle magpie :)).

I’ve divided the durability review into four parts, testing the durability of the eyeshadows (A) used normally as they are with no primer, (B) used wet – i.e wetting your eyeshadow brush or finger with a little water prior to application – with no primer, (C) used over Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion and (D) used over Lime Crime’s waterproof Eyeshadow Helper. I’d also be keen, in the future, to put both eyeshadow primers against each other in a post dedicated solely to them – there have been many debates over which is the better primer. Without further explanation, here is my review:

First of all, I must say that the pressed eyeshadows have brilliant pigmentation and durability, and the colours are just as vibrant in real life. They also have fantastic blendability (hehe, not an actual word), i.e if you want to achieve different eye looks by delicately blending the end of one eyeshadow shade into the other, you can, easily.

This goes as more of a general tip, but I recommend applying powder eyeshadows – like the Aquataenia shades – unto “older” eyelids by dabbing the shadow on. You’d find that when you rub the eyeshadow on too harshly it tends to highlight any eyelid creases and therefore makes eyes look far older than they actually are! I’ve used this tip to great effect, and it’s now been passed on among family and friends, so I thought it’s only fair that you all can try it out too! 🙂

As I said in my last Lime Crime review, I do really love the Magic Dusts – but the pressed eyeshadows would probably sell more in the case of new Lime Crime fans; simply because newbies would most likely be daunted by using the Magic Dusts (even though they’re actually quite quick to master!) and would gravitate more towards a controlled, pressed eyeshadow.

(A) I first put the eyeshadows on dry, with no primer, in mid-afternoon. I was impressed by their vibrancy – particularly that of Nautilus Prime, a dark cornflower blue mixed with indigo and hints of sky blue sparkles – to the extent that when I was preparing to go out for dinner I didn’t need to re-touch my eye make-up. The eyeshadows stayed on strong until after dinner, when they had faded to a more delicate but still vibrant shimmer – that means that the eyeshadows lasted for a total of 7 hours (circa)! That is seriously impressive considering that I used no primer or eyeshadow helper whatsoever. 

(B) For the second durability test, before applying the eyeshadows I wet my finger with a little water (you could also use an eyeshadow brush, but the brush I had used was of poor quality so I opted for using my fingers). The results were, honestly, incredible! The shades seem to really come alive when they’re wet. I thought that I might ruin the eyeshadows cases if I wet them, but the water seemed to unlock even more shimmer quality in the eyeshadows – they look like glistening pearl oysters now!  After applying the shadows I went for a long, rigorous walk and ended up getting caught in a rain summer (all hail Irish summers) – but my eyeshadow still stayed on strong and glistened when the sun finally re-appeared. You really would know that the shades belong to a fantasy mermaid palette – they just have that magical, oceanic quality to them. By late evening the shades’ vibrancy had faded slightly (least of all with Seahorse Discourse, a golden lime shade) but their sparkliness was still intact, and there was still full coverage. This is similar to how Magic Dusts fade: they lose their pigmentation gradually, colour-wise, but they still maintain full coverage on your eyelids, so it just looks like you’re wearing a lighter-coloured eyeshadow. I really love this Lime Crime feature!

Statistics wise, the eyeshadows gave maximum vibrancy for over 12 hours!  Remember, this was achieved without any form of eyeshadow primer. It just goes to show what results one can obtain with quality pigmentation. 🙂

(C) For the penultimate test, I put on the eyeshadows over Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion (I reviewed the primer “here”) before going out. I spent the day pretty leisurely, seeing as it was really quite humid. The eyeshadows worked quite well with the primer potion but they ultimately didn’t best the wet eyeshadows, clocking up a total of just over 12 hours. What I also found interesting is that the primer potion didn’t heavily increase the vibrancy of the LC eyeshadows as they would with others: maybe they’re already so pigmented that they couldn’t further improve? 🙂

(Extra note: funnily enough, when I tried out the eyeshadows with the Primer Potion another day they lasted almost 24 hours! I puzzled as to how the results could have varied so much, the only difference with the second time being that I applied the eyeshadows late afternoon as opposed to morning. With this note, you can expect the shadows & primer potion to work for at least 12 hours and up to one day.)

(D) For the final test, I had wanted to get up early and apply the eyeshadows with Lime Crime’s Waterproof Eyeshadow Helper but unfortunately, I woke up late with a headcold and cough: Ireland must be, without a doubt, the only place in the Northern Hemisphere where you can catch a virus in the middle of July 😀 but I digress!

I won’t go into major detail on how I found working with LC’s primer (I’d rather save that for an individual post) but I will say that I found its substance much stickier than Urban Decay’s – perhaps it allows the eyeshadow to stick even more – but it was an easy primer to apply, and it grabbed the shadows very effectively also. My eyeshadow didn’t budge once throughout the entire day and when I woke up the next day (yes, I ended being really naughty by not taking off my make-up before bed :P) the eyeshadow was still fully intact! Therefore, the eyeshadow ended up lasting for a total of 20 hours!!

I should also address the most efficient way to remove the eyeshadow, seeing as LC’s primer transforms your eyeshadow into a waterproof version which – if you’re without the necessary make-up remover – can be tricky! Here are two great yet inexpensive products that do the job perfectly and are also perfect for sensitive eyes:


To remove your waterproof eye make-up, gather a small dollop of Vaseline/petroleum jelly (apply a small amount of pressure to the petroleum balm to get a sufficient amount onto your finger) and rub it throughly but gently over your eyelid, making sure to cover the entire eyeshadow area. Then use a few drops of gentle toner on a cotton pad (I always use rose water but any toner will do) and swipe it over your eye – the results are brilliant, they don’t leave a single trace of eyeshadow! The original Vaseline is best to use, which can be bought worldwide, in-store or online.

Simple Kind to Eyes Make-Up Remover:

I found it surprisingly hard to find a viable waterproof-eye make up remover! But I was thrilled to find one in Simple Skincare’s range as I’ve always had a great love for their gentle & natural products.

Apply a few generous drops of the make-up remover onto a cotton pad and wipe over the eyeshadow area a few times. Simple :). You can buy Simple’s range in the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK, or you can buy it online “here”.

Phew! I cannot believe I’ve written such a long review, but I really hope you’ve enjoyed it! Aquataenia is truly an amazing palette that adds the perfect dose of fairytale magic into your everyday life, and it gives a stunningly aquatic edge to nights out. You can seriously re-invent all the shades with different combinations, it’s honestly a very diverse palette.

You can buy the Aquataenia eyeshadow palette on Lime Crime’s official website “here”. Thank you so much for reading, if you have any enquiries about the palette/tutorials/etc. just let me know with a comment! ♥

Amelia xx

4 thoughts on “Lime Crime Review: Aquataenia Palette

  1. Hey! I’ve never been that interested in Lime Crime before but i realy, really love this palette! Definitely gonna get one 😀 thx soo much, this is the first aquatania review I’ve seen that shows all the eyeshadows on the eyes. Rachel xxx

  2. Hi There,

    Wow what a review, really impressed with all the research you have done and best way to apply and remove. Loving all the different combinations.

    thanks again.


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