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Kiko Summer 2012 Reviews: Advanced Perfect Body Scrub

Thanks to la Festa della Repubblica tomorrow, I have a free weekend and therefore time to post!

I have a ton of fabulous Kiko products ready to review that are perfect for this time of year; so because there are quite a few items, I’ve decided to divide the reviews into different parts. I’m kick-starting the series with an indispensable summer skincare product: a body scrub. Ex-foliating is essential all year round but particularly in summer, when temperatures rise and baring skin becomes inevitable.

The body scrub is part of Kiko’s Advanced Perfect Body range, and costs €12.90 (£12.90 in UK branches). Its ingredients include sea salt (always a major key to making the perfect homemade scrub) and caffeine (which helps prevent cellulite). I’ve used it prior to self-tanning and the results are magic! Here’s how I recommend applying it:

Before taking a shower, scoop up a generous amount of the scrub with the accompanying spatula; distribute and rub in evenly. It’s important to remember to use the scrub on dry skin, but I’d recommend applying the scrub in the shower seeing as the product has alot of fallout. Apply a small amount of water to the targeted areas: the body scrub will magically take on a creamier substance which you can subsequently rub in. Rinse off any remaining scrub.

Your skin feels magically smooth afterwards and the body scrub has a gorgeous scent as well! Regarding self-tanning, every product varies, but generally speaking, you should wait 30 minutes after showering before applying any tanning product to let the skin cool down, so to speak.

highly recommend this body scrub: it is the perfect skincare item to get you through the summer and beyond, and it combats the drying properties of the summer sun by thoroughly quenching your skin.

♥ Hope you enjoyed the review! ♥

Amelia xx

6 thoughts on “Kiko Summer 2012 Reviews: Advanced Perfect Body Scrub

  1. Wow Amelia just love your last two post. The rainbow tops are amazing! I can’t get over the rainbow on the lake! Definitely fate! Kiko scrub looks good, i use a smiliar homemade one with sugar, and it defo works a treat before self tanning. You tip on waiting for a half hour is brilliant, have tried it and it works! Go girl.xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thank you Majella ♥ I’ve often contemplated making a scrub from scratch but I’m too lazy, despite the process being reasonably straight-forward! xxx

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