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Urban Decay Review: Alice in Wonderland Eyeshadow Palette

So, here is my review for Urban Decay’s Alice in Wonderland Eyeshadow Palette (still very usable, albeit the apparent worse-for-wear exterior :)). Some of you may be thinking: why post a review on something that’s sold out worldwide? However, as I mentioned before, all the eyeshadows in the palette are simply re-named versions of Urban Decay eyeshadow best-sellers; therefore (apart from one or two shades) they’re still available to buy separately.

Here are the reviews for each individual eyeshadow, along with their current name so you can find them easily :):

Underland: a somewhat-silky purple whose true potential can be unlocked by slightly wetting your make-up brush before applying the eyeshadow. Its current name is Flash and can be bought either as a Vintage Eyeshadow “here” or as a new-formula Eyeshadow “here”.

Alice: a luscious sky blue with a richly soft, creamy formula (which makes it easier to apply using your fingers). It’s the most durable eyeshadow of the entire palette, colour-wise! Its U.D name is Painkiller, although it currently isn’t available on the Urban Decay website.

Oraculum: a decadent, sparkly copper-gold with a formula similar to that of Alice; perfect used at the tips of your eyelids layered over a matte eyeshadow for contrast. You can find it as a Vintage Eyeshadow or a New Eyeshadow under the name Baked.

Queen: a maroon-purple shade, once again soft and creamy. It goes particularly well combined with Absolem. It now goes by the name Last Call and is available as a Vintage or New Eyeshadow.

Chessur: a sparkly bronze, leaning more towards a powdery substance than the eyeshadows above. It’s therefore lighter and can work perfectly applied on its own for a subtle look. It’s currently called Chopper and can be purchased as a Vintage or re-vamped formula Eyeshadow.

White Rabbit: a powder-based cream-white that sparkles and shimmers. It can work really well on dark skin, but on the other hand, those with pale skin should use it in small doses with another darker shade, to make it more flattering. Its current counterpart is Polyester Bride and has both a Vintage and a New Eyeshadow version.

Wonderland: a dark white-gold, similar to Chessur‘s texture and bursting with glitter. This season, I’ve loved wearing it with an on-trend pastel outfit. Right now it goes by the name Maui Wowie and can be bought either as a Vintage or re-vamped formula Eyeshadow.

Curiouser: a cotton-candy pink with white sparkles, placed in the same formula group as Chessur and Wonderland. While it works well with pale beiges, it looks much more dramatic paired with a bright eyeshadow such as Alice. Grifter is its current name: find it as a Vintage or New Eyeshadow.

Muchness: an iridescent gold-apricot, with a texture like Oraculum‘s. Stronger lighting really brings out its gorgeous gold shimmer, so I wouldn’t contrast it with a different colour; at most I would pair it with Oraculum which complements the eyeshadow’s shade. Find it under “X” as a Vintage or New Eyeshadow.

MushroomYou can see how much I’ve loved this eyeshadow from the indent in it, in the picture above! I’ve used it to death because it’s honestly so wearable, though perhaps not as full of creamy texture as some other eyeshadows. Perfect on its own or with a bright eyeshadow. It’s actually otherwise called Mushroom as well, and is available in the new-formula Eyeshadow range.

Midnight Tea Party: with champagne and slight peach-pink elements, this is the glitteriest eyeshadow of the whole palette! It’s also the most powdery. I wear it with Mad Hatter to bring a sparkly edge to an otherwise-neutral look. You can find it under the name Midnight Cowboy Rides Again as both a New and Vintage Eyeshadow.

Vorpal: a shiny pewter shade, richly soft and creamy. I’ve yet to find a shade that doesn’t go well with it! “S&M”, its current name, can be found as a New or Vintage Eyeshadow.

Absolem: a creamy light emerald green shade, which looks stunning on green eyes. Wearing it together with Alice creates an awesome colour burst. It’s otherwise called Homegrown, but the shade isn’t currently found on the Urban Decay website.

Drink Me, Eat Me: similar colour-wise to Midnight Tea Party, albeit with a creamy texture. It’s a nice neutral-but-shiny shade to work with. It’s called Sin now and you can buy it as a Vintage or New Eyeshadow.

Mad Hatter: a somewhat-creamy dark brown with a slight golden sparkle. If I had to pick a least favourite eyeshadow in the palette, this would be it; although it does go quite well with some of the neutral/silver shades. Buy it as a New or Vintage Eyeshadow with the name Twice Baked.

Jabberwocky: named after a ferocious beast in the film, the shade is a jet-black with silver glitter. While you can get away with the eyeshadow on its own (it is strong, pigmentation-wise, so don’t put too much on), I prefer it layered over a softer, silvery eyeshadow to make the make-up look less heavy. It’s now called Oil Slick and is available in both Vintage and New Eyeshadow versions.

I hope you guys enjoyed the review! Urban Decay eyeshadows really are wonderful, and I particularly love the Vintage Eyeshadow packaging: the star silver lid gives it a real magical feel!

I’m planning to post up a review of Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion soon; it’s a wonderful base for these eyeshadows, by the way. I may also do a review on U.D’s All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray as well, to share my personal experience of seeing if the spray really does last for 16 hours…! In the meantime, stay tuned for more make-up reviews, and know that I’m always welcome to review requests :D.

Amelia xx

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